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What Is Reverse Engineering? |Hydraulic Pump Repair Services

Hydraulic Pump Repair Services

Reverse engineering is a proven alternative for obtaining replacement parts for your hydraulic pumps. It is the process of replacing a malfunctioning piece of your hydraulics system by recreating the pump from metal parts, discarded items or any other type of manufactured item. Reverse engineering requires the operator to destruct the pieces, examine every facet of the system, and recreate it according to manufacturer specifications.

Pump system parts requiring reverse engineering are usually outdated items. These parts may have been damaged by pump failure or broken through extensive use. Reverse engineering is a low-cost alternative to buying expensive replacement parts or buying an entirely new hydraulics system. It can be challenging to deconstruct your system and rebuild it to the exact specifications, but it can save you a lot of money if done correctly. Here’s what you need to know about reverse engineering:

The Reverse Engineering Process

The process varies depending on the complexity of your hydraulics system. However, even if the system design is relatively simple, you need to have experience in industrial procedures and processes to create a part comparable in form and function.  

The first step in the process is to create an initial vane layout and castings. Most people create this layout by using a coordinate measuring machine, computer design equipment and 3D software. You will need expertise in using this equipment to ensure the new item will meet all specifications of the original design. Utilizing the vane layout hydraulic technology, you may also need to reengineer malfunctioning impeller or diffuser vanes.

For every step of the process, you need to take accurate measurements of each part of the system. In most hydraulic systems, parts are made of steel. After all of the measurements are taken, the redesigned part will need to be machined manually or by a third party company.

Reverse Engineering Benefits

  • Fix outdated systems: If you need to repair your hydraulics system, you may find that some parts are no longer manufactured. In these instances, reverse engineering is the only way to repair obsolete equipment pieces and get operations up and running again.
  • Reduce costs: Reverse engineering is usually cheaper than buying new parts or having a new system manufactured locally.  Making a new component by reverse engineering is affordable and convenient, ensuring you to get back to protection quickly.  
  • Improve design: Many manufacturers require customized machinery to accomplish specialized or complex tasks. By reverse engineering, you can look at the entire machine and its components. You may be able to improve on the existing design or come up with a more efficient design variation. The reengineering process may help improve system performance, timing or safety.
  • Missing documentation: Most customized pieces of machinery come with documentation or blueprints. Some blueprints are delivered outdated or incomplete, and it is common to misplace these blueprints after a few months. Doing reverse engineering on the machinery can help you recreate or improve upon these documents. This process allows you to understand better how the system works and why it is malfunctioning.

Reverse Engineering Hydraulic Pump Repair Services

In the manufacturing and industrial industries, hydraulic pump repair services are frequently required. Reverse engineering is a great option to redesign or recreate old, malfunctioning or obsolete parts. Modern technology has made it easy to improve up hydraulic pumps by doing reverse engineering. Panagon Systems is a leader in the hydraulics industry. We manufacture and reverse engineer hydraulic pumps, motors and parts for a multitude of applications. We specialize in replacing a variety of Eaton/Vickers models. We also specialize in building custom hydraulic pumps, motors and replacement parts.

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