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Hydraulic Pump Repair & Rebuild Services

Rexroth pump repair

Panagon Systems is committed to helping manufacturers across North America reduce downtime and improve production efficiency. We proudly manufacture, rebuild, and repair hydraulic piston pumps from brands like Vickers by Danfoss and Rexroth. All pumps we replace and repair are guaranteed to meet OEM specifications—we even provide OEM-equivalent replacement components to get your pumps back in working order.

Models We Service

A technician performs an inspection on a Rexroth pump component

Panagon Systems can repair and rebuild Rexroth A10-30/-31 hydraulic piston pumps and all Vickers by Danfoss models. We never outsource our services.

We can provide our services to clients throughout the United States and globally, although additional shipping costs may be applied to pumps shipped outside of the United States.

Our Repair Process

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All piston pumps are rebuilt and repaired in-house in our U.S.-based facility to ensure quality.

Our repair process is as follows:

  1. Inspection: Our technicians will carefully disassemble the pump and meticulously inspect each piece.
  2. Quote: We will send you a quote that includes all components needing replacement. Our technicians may suggest a rebuild or OEM-equivalent replacement if the component cannot be repaired. Your quote will also have an estimated lead time.
  3. Repairs: Our technicians will get to work after you approve the quote. Before reassembling your newly repaired hydraulic pump, our technicians will clean and inspect each component again.
  4. Shipping: After your pump has been reassembled, inspected, and tested to ensure optimal performance, we’ll ship it directly to you. All repaired and rebuilt pumps are backed by a 12-month warranty that starts on the day you receive your invoice from us.

Please visit our FAQ if you have additional questions regarding our repair process or what we do.

Signs You May Need Repairs

If you’ve experienced the following signs, please request a part evaluation today:

  • Unusual Sounds: Banging, clanking, or other odd sounds.
  • Pressure Drops/Reduced Performance: This issue usually indicates an interior leak.
  • Bad Valves or Seals: If your seals or valves fail, you may notice strong vibrations, low pressure, or a decline in output.
  • Wear on Bearings & Visible Signs of Damage: Worn down saddle bearings, vertically scratched barrels, or surficial cuts on the piston often mean oil is contaminated. Pressure spikes and fatigue can also cause cracks on control pins, shafts, or pistons.
  • Deterioration on Manifolds, Valves, & Seals: This can sometimes be caused by cavitation or lack of fluid in the inlet.

Most issues require disassembly and inspection to ensure an accurate diagnosis—always contact a professional if you’re experiencing issues with your pump.

Do You Need Hydraulic Pump Repairs or a Full Rebuild?

Most hydraulic pump components are repairable if specifications like tolerance and unit dimensions can be precisely restored. However, repairing a part does not always re-establish the full functionality that part provided as a new component. In this situation, a rebuild may be recommended.

A hydraulic rebuild requires identifying bad components and rebuilding the pump with new parts. By replacing, rather than repairing parts, our technicians can deliver a fully functional pump that operates according to the original specifications.

Knowing whether you need a hydraulic pump repair or rebuild depends on the severity of the damage to your component. When you send your piston pump to us for an inspection, our team will let you know whether a repair or a rebuild is the most effective solution for you.

Schedule Hydraulic Pump Repair Services Today

Founded over 25 years ago, Panagon Systems is a manufacturer you can count on for quality and reliability. If you’re experiencing issues with your components, please contact us today to schedule an inspection, request a service, or request a replacement part.


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