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The cost of remanufactured. The quality of OEM.

Our Capabilities

We manufacture hydraulic pumps, motors and parts for a variety of industrial and mobile applications. Our replacements are equivalent to the Vickers by Danfoss line of PVH, PVQ, PVB, PVM, PVE, PFB, MFB, MFE, TA19, TA1919, TDV10 and TDV20 series units and Rexroth A10V series units.

Hydraulic Pumps

  • PVM Replacement Hydraulic Pumps

    PVM Series

  • PVB Replacement Hydraulic Pumps

    PVB Series

  • PVE Replacement Hydraulic Pumps

    PVE Series

  • PVH Replacement Hydraulic Pumps

    PVH Series

  • PVQ Replacement Hydraulic Pumps

    PVQ Series

  • PFB Replacement Hydraulic Pumps

    PFB Series

  • TA Replacement Hydraulic Pumps

    TA Series

  • tdv Replacement Hydraulic Pumps

    TDV Series

  • A10V Replacement Hydraulic Pumps

    A10V Series

  • MPVB Replacement Hydraulic Pumps

    MPVB Series

  • CAT Replacement Hydraulic Pumps

    CAT Series

Hydraulic Motors

  • MFB Replacement Hydraulic Motors

    MFB Series

  • MVE Replacement Hydraulic Motors

    MVE Series

  • MFE Replacement Hydraulic Motors

    MFE Series

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Replacement Parts

  • Adapter
  • Adjustment Rod
  • Bearing
  • Compensator – Max Stop
  • Control Plate & Valve Plates
  • Coupling
  • Cover – Cap
  • Cylinder Block – Barrel
  • Gaskets – Seals
  • Grotor

Trusted by

We’re proud to have a decade old relationship with many shops and distributors in the hydraulic industry. We work with various industry professionals to ensure that their shops or customers are up and running at all times. We know what a delay in production can end up costing! That’s why we’re trusted by so many manufacturers in various markets. You need a hydraulic parts partner you can trust—we can be that partner.

About Us

We are the only manufacturer in North America who produces OEM-grade replacement pumps, motors and parts with complete proficiency. As the largest aftermarket hydraulic piston pump manufacturer, we ensure the utmost quality every step of the way. With our recent expansion, we’re more able than ever to work with shops, manufacturers and distributors in a variety of industries. When you need it most, demand nothing less than Panagon Systems.

Your Choice for OEM Quality Replacement Components

Our manufacturing facility houses many CNC machines capable of producing high-quality hydraulic components and replacement parts.

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