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The Value of Vickers Vane Pumps

vickers hydraulic pump parts

If you want to achieve high pumping efficiency with low noise, Vickers vane pumps may be the right choice. These pumps are ideal for a broad selection of industrial and automobile applications. Plus, they feature a modular design that makes them very easy to work with. Panagon Systems offers both pumps and replacement parts to help you keep your systems in the best possible condition.

Vane Pumps

The basic function of a vane pump consists of a rotor turning vanes insides a cavity. The rotation of the vanes pushes fluid through the pump. Typically, vane pumps (including our Vickers models) are used for liquid. However, they can also be designed for gases.

Vickers manufacturers several lines of vane pumps that are used in applications including molding, earthmoving, construction, manufacturing, material handling and civil engineering. Some are also used in oil and gas, transportation, utility and even entertainment.

The pumps are designed with a cartridge kit system that allows for greater interchangeability and repair. With Vickers vane pump parts from Panagon Systems, you can keep your pumps in perfect working order.

Top Vickers Pumps

  • V Series: These pumps offer strong performance with very low noise. They are noted for their long service lives and excellent serviceability. V series pumps feature a 12-vane design that is preferred for indoor applications and other uses that require reduced noise.
  • V10 and V20: For industrial applications, a pump offering high performance may be necessary. The V10 and V20 pumps are used as both pilot and auxiliary pumps in a variety of complex systems. These Vicker vane pumps are popular on trucks and buses.
  • VQ and VQH: These two series of pumps have the intra-vane cartridge design shared with the V series. They are ideal for medium- to high-pressure uses. With a 10-vane architecture, they can offer strong volumetric efficiency and serviceability. The VQH series is especially well-suited for high pressures.
  • VMQ: If you need a vane pump for the highest-pressure applications, the VMQ is the series you need. These Vickers pumps can provide higher pressure than any of the others. They also achieve surprisingly low noise levels for such high pressure.

Benefits of Choosing Vicker Vane Pumps

These pumps provide some excellent characteristics for diverse industrial and transportation applications. These are a few reasons to consider a vane pump from Vickers:

  • Good Performance: Vickers pumps offer impressive performance at a variety of pressure levels. They can be counted on for reliable and robust operation.
  • Small Size: Many of the vane pumps in the Vickers line are available in surprisingly small packages. Additionally, they are modularly designed, making them easy to fit even in tight applications.
  • Well-Suited for Low-Viscosity Fluids: Vane pumps tend to excel at moving low viscosity fluids. They can even be run dry for brief periods without damage.
  • Low Noise: Vickers pumps provide very low noise. This is ideal for applications indoors, in vehicles or in similar situations. If the operator shouldn’t be able to clearly hear the pump, Vickers vane pumps may be for you.
  • Excellent Serviceability: Finally, they are very easy to work on. Many of the parts are easy to swap out and several series of pumps have cartridge designs for fast maintenance.

Maintain Your Systems With Vickers Vane Pump Parts

To help with your maintenance needs, Panagon Systems offers replacement parts for all our pumps including those from Vickers. These parts are often used in precise applications, so fast and reliable maintenance is a must. We can provide both performance and quality with our hydraulic pump parts. Plus, many of the Vickers pump parts are interchangeable. This makes it even easier to keep your systems in the best shape possible.

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