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Hydraulic Pump Replacement

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hydraulic pump replacement

Keep your hydraulics systems operating efficiently with a high-quality hydraulic pump from Panagon Systems.

Founded over 25 years ago, we’re an industry-leading hydraulic pump replacement and repair company. 

Read on to learn more about our hydraulic pump replacement services, or contact us today to request a quote.

OEM Replacement Pumps

At Panagon Systems, we manufacture hydraulic piston pumps to OEM specifications, and guarantee OEM quality. We can provide hydraulic pump replacements for the following brands:

Diverse Pump Options

rexroth hydraulic pump parts

A hydraulic pump needs to be carefully matched to the hydraulic system for optimal performance. Whether you need the latest replacement pump or an obsolete component, search our diverse range of pumps. 

Here are some common type of pumps we can manufacture:

  • Piston pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Gear pumps

If you can’t find the pump you need, discuss your requirements with our team. We’ll work with you to supply the solution that fits your industry and your application.

Hassle-Free Process

rexroth hydraulic pump parts

We make rebuilds/replacements as easy for you as possible. If you aren’t sure what type of service you need, we’ll inspect your hydraulic pump and help you determine the best course of action.

You don’t even need to go anywhere or meet with anyone in-person—all you have to do is send us your pump in the mail.

Our full replacement process includes:

  1. First, you fill out our online form. Please include all of the information you have about the problem you’re experiencing. We also recommend attaching a photo of the pump, though this is not required.
  2. Next, you will need to mail the pump to us.
  3. Once we receive your pump, we will inspect it and diagnose the problem. When our technicians have identified the problem, they will come up with a plan of action.
  4. Our technicians will disassemble the pump and thoroughly clean it. This will allow us to understand the full scope of the rebuild.
  5. When we have finished disassembling and cleaning the pump, we will determine the usable and unusable components, which will then help us finalize the rebuild plan.
  6. After inspection and disassembly,  we will send you a report of our findings (condition of pump, total cost estimate, and project outline). We will not start any work until you approve our rebuild plan.
  7. Once you approve our plan, we will get to work. 
  8. Once we have finished the rebuild, we will ship the pump back to you, along with documentation (rebuild reports, best maintenance tips, etc.

Reliable Repair Services

In addition to full rebuilds, we also provide reliable hydraulic pump repairs.

If you’re not sure whether you need a rebuild or repairs, let us help you. We can help you determine whether a rebuild/replacement or a simple repair would be the most cost-effective and time-efficient solution for you.

Signs You May Need a Replacement

Hydraulic pumps can last for a long time before needing to be replaced. In fact, some pumps can operate for up to 20,000 hours with proper maintenance. However, hydraulic pumps do fail eventually. In general, the lifespan of a pump depends on the level of maintenance it receives, the quality of oil that is used, and its operating conditions.

Signs of failure may include inconsistent performance, excessive noise and vibration, overheating, and leaks.

How Much Do Replacement Hydraulic Pumps Cost?

The costs for hydraulic pump rebuilding or repair vary widely. There are many factors that affect the cost, including the brand of pump, how many components need to be replaced, and more. At Panagon Systems, we always provide our customers with a detailed estimate and wait for permission before starting any work.

Replace Your Pump With Help From Panagon Systems

Are you looking for OEM-quality hydraulic pump replacements? Turn to Panagon Systems. We’re the largest manufacturer of hydraulic piston pumps in the United States, and guarantee quality in all replacement pumps. In addition to delivering OEM-quality, we’re also associated with the NFPA, ESA, and IDA.

If you’re ready to get started with a quote, please contact us today.

NFPA, ESA, and IDA Associations


Your Choice for OEM Quality Replacement Components

Our manufacturing facility houses many CNC machines capable of producing high-quality hydraulic components and replacement parts.

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