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Hydraulic Pump Replacement

hydraulic pump replacementKeep your hydraulic systems operating efficiently with a quality hydraulic pump by Panagon Systems. Our innovative processes allow us to create premier aftermarket hydraulic pump replacement components. Explore our product line and find out how we provide high-pressure pumps for all your industrial needs. From a single pump part to a full line of new hydraulic pumps, we are your full-service replacement pump provider.

High-Quality Hydraulic Pump Manufacturing

As the largest manufacturer of hydraulic piston pumps and parts in North America, we offer uncompromising quality in all of our hydraulic pump options. We start with raw materials and produce pumps that are assembled, tested, painted and ready for use in your manufacturing facility or your equipment.
We create pumps that are designed to replace the OEM components created by various companies. Instead of paying for costly OEM replacement parts, consider an affordable alternative from our manufacturing facility. If you have a product from one of these OEM manufacturers find out how we can provide you with an aftermarket solution:

  • Vickers/Eaton
  • Rexroth
  • Caterpillar
  • Denison

Diverse Pump Options

A hydraulic pump needs to be carefully matched to the hydraulic system for optimal performance. Whether you need the latest replacement pump or an outdated and obsolete component, search our diverse range of alternative pumps. Shop for hydraulic components that are replacement Vickers piston pump alternatives for impressive pumping power and reliable performance.

Select a pump up to 5,000 PSI to keep your business moving forward. Here are some common type of pumps we manufacture for your industry:

  • Piston pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Gear pumps

Ask about an alternative to leading brands or a new pump for your manufacturing line. Sort through our many diverse series of pumps to compare the size, displacement and operating pressure of your new hydraulic system.
If you can’t find the pump you need, discuss your requirements with our team. We’ll work with you to supply the solution that fits your industry and your application. Invest in a pump you can rely on to keep your company moving forward efficiently.

Reliable Repair Services

rexroth hydraulic pump partsIf your hydraulic pump has a damaged gear, seal or another component, we offer individual replacement parts that are compatible with Vickers, Caterpillar and Rexroth pumps. Enjoy a limited warranty on all our components for confident repairs.

A single replacement part can be hard to find for many hydraulic systems. Because of the long-lasting nature of hydraulic pumps, your OEM pump may be obsolete before it needs to be repaired. When the manufacturer is no longer providing replacement parts or services, you may feel like you have no other option than to invest in a full replacement pump.

That’s where Panagon can help. We offer replacement parts that are compatible with obsolete OEM hydraulic piston pumps. A single, affordable part can easily restore the full performance of your equipment. If that doesn’t solve your issue, consider choosing an affordable Panagon alternative to an OEM replacement pump.

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Learn more about our hydraulic pump replacement services today to keep your company powering forward. Contact us today to explore our product line or discuss your needs with our friendly and efficient customer service team. We’ll help you identify the ideal Panagon pump for your industrial equipment, conveyor belts or heavy equipment and work with you to enjoy long-lasting results.


Your Choice for OEM Quality Replacement Components

Our manufacturing facility houses many CNC machines capable of producing high-quality hydraulic components and replacement parts.

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