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Rexroth Pumps

rexroth pumpsRexroth pumps set an industry standard for power, performance and dependability. Regular maintenance usually ensures that your pump works as documented, but damage or failure can severely hobble your operations.

Possessing extensive expertise in manufacturing and repairing hydraulic components, Panagon Systems is your best source for Rexroth pump repair and replacement services.

A Quick Overview of Rexroth Pumps

Rexroth A10V series pumps offer a wide range of uses and applications. The A10 comes in several sizes and with its load-sensing hydraulic circuits, it delivers better fuel economy and operational efficiency. Rexroth’s A10V series pumps have a maximum operating pressure of 4,000 PSI with displacement at 1,800 RPM. Their flexible and compact designs also made them cost-effective and easy to integrate into many kinds of systems: tractors, forklifts, mobile machines, commercial vehicles and more.

Common Causes of Hydraulic Pump Failure

Naturally, continued regular use of a hydraulic pump creates wear and tear. Though they’re high-quality and reliable, Rexroth pumps can also develop faults or completely fail for several reasons. Hydraulic fluid contamination is usually at the top of the list, and it can occur when unwanted debris ends up in the fluid. Another typical cause is over-pressurization, which happens when the pump undergoes more pressure than recommended by its specs. Over-pressurization wears out the pump more rapidly and leads to failure sooner than expected. Depending on your production or operation environment, other types of faults are possible:

  • Excess heat from the operational environment
  • Degraded fluid viscosity
  • Implosion due to pressure overload
  • Pressure instabilities
  • Cavitation due to hydraulic fluid pressure problems

The Problem With Obsoletion

As you may already know, many manufacturers such as Rexroth, Vickers, Caterpillar and Denison often phase out their hydraulic pumps and associated components. When you’ve come to depend on a particular pump model in your operations, this obsoletion can cause some major problems.

Bosch Rexroth typically promises that spare parts for specific pump models will be available for 10 years. Even so, obsolete Rexroth hydraulic pump parts can be difficult to track down. Depending on the model of pump that you use, they can also cost quite a bit to acquire. Rebuilds can also be expensive and take a lot of time to complete.

Our Repair and Replacement Services

rexroth hydraulic pump partsPanagon Systems is committed to helping you significantly cut down on downtime resulting from faulty hydraulic parts. Our Michigan facility offers CNC machining and high-quality manufacturing processes, so we create replacement Rexroth pumps and parts that are exact matches for both current OEM models and those no longer in production. With our capabilities, we can significantly reduce the time and costs of repairs and replacement parts:

  • Compensators
  • Cylinder blocks
  • Housings
  • Piston kits
  • Rotating groups
  • Shafts
  • Valve blocks and plates

Panagon Systems can also supply minor components such as seals and bolts, delivering durability and dependability like the OEM editions. You enjoy the power and efficiency you rely on to fuel your operations and deliver the value, convenience and service that your customers expect.

We cover our pumps with a competitive limited warranty, ensuring that they contain no defects in materials and workmanship. Our limited warranty spans 18 months from your original invoice date for new items, and 12 months for repaired or rebuilt items.

Why Replacement Pumps Are Preferred

Damage sustained by Rexroth Pumps can result in decreased efficiency, which may jeopardize your business’s reputation. While repairs may be possible using Rexroth hydraulic pump parts, we believe replacement is the best option in many cases, especially for older, obsolete items. In terms of specs, our replacement pumps have a maximum operating pressure of 4,000 psi. Product models include A10V10, A10V28, A10V45, A10V71, A10V100, A10V140, and A10VSO.

A replacement has much to offer, as illustrated here:

  • Multiple Applications – Our A10 piston pumps are designed to suit multiple applications to suit the varied needs of our customers. They can be used in a variety of equipment, such as forklifts, tractors, commercial vehicles, and mobile machinery like cranes, riding mowers, snowplows, etc. The Rexroth A10VSO can also be used within industrial environments thanks to its rugged durability.
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption – Keeping fuel costs manageable is an essential aspect of business success. With our pumps, you can look forward to decreased fuel use due to enhanced fuel-efficiency. In fact, we’ve designed these pumps to operate at peak efficiency at all times, regardless of the application it’s being used for.
  • Improved Productivity – Lengthy downtime is a disaster for any business, especially when you’re trying to meet a tight deadline. Our pumps ensure extended operation. And thanks to our manufacturing process, our pumps can be used to replace all types of models, including those considered obsolete in design.

We want our customers to rest assured of their purchase long after it’s taken place. That’s why we offer a limited warranty on our equipment so our customers have access to quality equipment that best suits their needs. If you purchase a new item, your warranty will be good for 18 months from the date the invoice is created. When it comes to rebuilt or repaired pumps, the warranty is good for one full year.

Hydraulic Parts Specialists Since 1986

For almost 25 years, businesses in many industries have depended on Panagon Systems for hydraulic parts supply and repair. We specialize in producing current components, but we also manufacture OEM-grade replacement pumps, motors and transmissions for obsolete models by Vickers, Denison, Rexroth, Caterpillar and other makers. No matter what you need, count on Panagon to keep your operations up and running. Tell us about your company’s needs by completing our online contact form or calling us at (586) 786-3920.

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