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Hydraulic Pump Parts

Restore functioning to your hydraulic system with high-quality pump parts from Panagon Systems. Discover how you can enjoy affordable alternatives to OEM parts with our wide range of manufactured components and replacement pumps and parts for Vickers, Eaton, Rexroth and Caterpillar. Don’t let a damaged part compromise your new or obsolete hydraulic system or decrease your productivity.

Pumps Parts We Carry

Your hydraulic system is made up of a wide range of complex parts. We not only manufacture complete pumps for your industrial needs but also replacement parts for essential repairs. Here are just a few common parts that you can order from Panagon Systems:
hydraulic pump parts

  • Shoe plates
  • Cylinder blocks
  • Springs
  • Bearings
  • O-rings
  • Vane pump cartridges
  • Housings and casings

Find out how to determine if you need a replacement pump or if a few affordable components can restore your system to working order. If you have a PVM, PVB, PVE, PVH PVQ or another popular hydraulic pump, you can order compatible aftermarket replacement parts. We design parts that are compatible with pumps from the leading manufacturers and OEMs.

If you can’t find the part you need, ask our team of experts. We can work with you to create components that fit your individual needs. Whether you need to replace your entire hydraulic pump or improve the efficiency of your pump, trust the skilled team of technicians at Panagon Systems.

Signs You Need Replacement Parts

A hydraulic pump can experience a number of performance issues before it fails altogether. Don’t wait for a damaged pump to become inoperable before ordering replacement parts. Here are some signs that you need to watch for:

  • Erratic cylinder operation
  • Increased temperatures
  • Reduced output
  • Reduced speed
  • Increased noise

These inefficiencies can cost your facility production time. Don’t ignore something that an affordable replacement part can fix. If left unattended, these issues can create major problems that require emergency repairs and bring your facility to a halt.

Schedule routine maintenance inspections to prevent complete failure of your pump. If you notice any issues, replacing a component is an affordable preventative maintenance task. Swapping out O-rings, valve plates, rotating groups and more are common preventative maintenance services that can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Panagon Systems Pump Parts

rexroth hydraulic pump partsDon’t let a minor part from an obsolete pump can stop your entire facility. At Panagon Systems, we create dependable aftermarket parts that can easily replace OEM components. We continue to produce replacement parts even after the OEM discontinues the line of pumps. That means that we’re a go-to source for affordable and reliable obsolete replacement parts for hydraulic systems.

As the largest aftermarket piston pump manufacturer in North America, we can keep up with any bulk order needs. We start with raw materials and assemble, test, paint and ship hydraulic pumps and parts to your location. As a full-service facility, we can send a single component or a full line of hydraulic pumps.

We take pride in our customer service. Our team can assist you with any questions regarding your order. Whether you’re looking for a single component or a series of new pumps, our team understands the specifications of our pumps and can work with you to find the parts you need. Emergency orders, routine maintenance and upgraded pump systems are all possible through our extensive inventory of parts and products.

Search for Replacement Parts Today

Explore Panagon Systems replacement parts catalog to see how you can enjoy aftermarket alternatives to Eaton, Vickers, Rexroth or Caterpillar hydraulic pump parts. Contact us today to see how you can restore your hydraulic system and keep your facility moving forward.

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