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MFE Replacement Hydraulic Motors

MFE Replacement Hydraulic Motors

What Is An MFE Hydraulic Motor?

MFE hydraulic motors are premier fixed displacement hydraulic transmission motors with a max operating pressure of up to 5,000 psi. They are used for various equipment necessary for a wide range of applications such as heat transfer, shredders, cooling fan drives, wheel motors for military vehicles, winches and crane drives, mixer and agitator drives, self-driven cranes, drum drives for digesters, trommels and kilns, excavators, conveyor and feeder drives, high-powered lawn trimmers, trench cutters, roll mills, drilling rigs, and plastic injection machines. Fixed displacement hydraulic motors can also be used in both open and closed-loop circuits.

All hydraulic motors have a driving surface area subject to pressure differential, a mechanism to time the movement of pressurized fluid to the surface for continuous rotation the mechanical connection that joins the surface area to the output shaft. MFE hydraulic motors are lighter and less bulky than mechanical or electrical power transmission motors. In mobile equipment, they control acceleration and deceleration, maintain operating speed and conduct smooth reversals or positioning. With proper torque calibration, the hydraulic motors can operate even in the harshest working conditions.

Panagon Systems, the largest aftermarket hydraulic piston pump and parts manufacturer in North America, understands that companies like Vickers/Eaton periodically phase out parts, leaving many businesses that have invested in their equipment searching for unavailable motors, pumps and transmissions. We ensure that your equipment keeps running like new with our high-quality replacement motors and OEM parts.

OEM Replacement Parts

When your business depends on MFE hydraulic motors, you need fast, dependable replacement of your motor or components to ensure your projects continue on budget and on schedule. Whether it is a cracked housing, failing seals, missing screws or bent rods, a failure of your motor can shut down your operation until the part is located or your motor is replaced. Waiting for a rebuild or searching for obsolete parts can result in even more lost productivity.

There are many components to an MFE motor, and any of those could incur loss or damage, stopping your equipment in its tracks. Panagon Systems can save you time and money with our replacement MFE hydraulic motors or by rebuilding or replacing a broken or obsolete OEM part. Examples include the following:

  • Compensators
  • Housings
  • Piston kits
  • Plugs, rods and screws
  • Rotating groups
  • Shafts
  • Yokes or cradles

What Sets Panagon Systems Apart?

Panagon Systems is an industry leader, manufacturing the highest quality MFE hydraulic motors and components. Whether your Eaton/Vickers MFE motor is new or is part of a legacy system for which parts are now obsolete, our talented team of experienced technicians and engineers has the expertise to create replacements that are 100% interchangeable with your OEM hydraulic components. When you choose Panagon Systems, your success is our primary concern. We go the extra mile, providing the following benefits:

  • A limited warranty protects you on everything we manufacture.
  • All manufacturing occurs in our facility in the US.
  • Our parts are identical to OEM parts but more cost-effective.
  • Quality and precision are built into every step of our process.
  • We take pride in providing superior customer service.



Your Choice for OEM Quality Replacement Components

For almost a quarter of a century, Panagon Systems has been the trusted partner for many shops, manufacturers and industries, supplying MFE hydraulic motors and replacement parts to keep their systems and projects running smoothly and with minimal disruption. Our loyal customers trust us to deliver replacement parts that are identical in every specification to their OEM parts. From raw materials to a manufactured, assembled, tested, painted and shipped from our facility, Panagon has the experience and expertise that makes them the obvious choice for OEM quality replacement components.

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Your Choice for OEM Quality Replacement Components

Our manufacturing facility houses many CNC machines capable of producing high-quality hydraulic components and replacement parts.

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