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Find the high-quality Vickers/Eaton PVB90 replacement pumps you need from Panagon Systems. Located in the United States, we’re a leading global manufacturer of aftermarket hydraulic pumps, motors, and supplier of replacement components. All pumps are manufactured in-house in the United States, backed by a 12-month warranty, and guaranteed to meet OEM specifications.* Learn more about the PVB90 pump below or contact us today to place your order. *Panagon Systems manufactures replacement pumps up to 3000 PSI
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The PVB90 is a variable displacement axial piston pump that can be flange- or foot-mounted. This pump features a C pressure compensator with adjustable displacement control, load sensing compensator, and right- or left-handed mechanical or handwheel controls.



Displacement per revolution197.50 cm3
Max Operating PressureUp to 210 Bar
Displacement Control Options19 to 210 Bar (With C Compensator)
Drive SpeedUp to 3,600 RPM
Maximum Shaft Speed1,800 RPM (With anti-wear hydraulic oil), 1,200 RPM (With a 40-60 water-in-oil emulsion), and 1,200 RPM (With water-glycol)
Maximum Outlet Pressure210 Bar (With anti-wear hydraulic oil), 140 Bar (With water glycol), and 140 Bar (With a 40-to-60 water-in-oil emulsion)
Maximum Output Torque1.0 Bar
Weight104 kg
Mounting TypeFlange or Foot
Installation RecommendationHorizontal Mounting


Displacement per revolution12 in3
Max Operating PressureUp to 3000 PSI
Displacement Control Options275 to 3000 PSI (With C compensator)
Drive SpeedUp to 3,600 RPM
Maximum Outlet Pressure3000 PSI (With anti-wear hydraulic oil), 2000 PSI (With water glycol), and 2000 PSI (With a 40-to-60 water-in-oil emulsion)
Maximum Inlet Pressure15 PSI
Maximum Output Torque1,408 lbf inch
Weight211 lbs
Mounting TypeFlange or Foot
Installation RecommendationHorizontal Mounting

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