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Founded by Karl Toth nearly 25 years ago, Panagon Systems has remained a low profile company producing hydraulic parts on demand. The company, located in Macomb, Michigan, is the largest aftermarket hydraulic piston pump and parts manufacturer in North America, providing a vast variety of current and obsolete components.

Most hydraulic suppliers import their parts for resale, having no control over quality and little knowledge of the manufacturing process. Unlike other suppliers, Panagon has the ability to produce a product from raw materials to a finished pump, assembled, tested, painted, and shipped from our facility—making our operation different from all others in the aftermarket industry.
Original product manufacturers from time to time phase out certain product lines based on application needs, customer demands and a general need to keep pace with the worldwide competition on product variety. When they do that, there remains a huge amount of machines and equipment still in operation with these phased out hydraulic products which continue to need to be serviced for many years to come. This is where Panagon comes in.

Most of the OEM manufacturers can support a breakdown situation through their distributor network for their current production product lines. Due to the phasing out of their old products, the customer soon finds that the parts are not available, or that the delivery time is too long or the cost is too high. Panagon Systems attempts to fill the void OEM’s create by manufacturing the phased out, expensive, unavailable pumps, motors and transmissions, from companies like Vickers, Denison and Rexroth.

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Panagon Systems provides hydraulic pumps, parts, motors and repair services for Vickers, Rexroth and other hydraulic pump manufacturers.

Part numbers and model numbers used are for reference purposes only. Panagon Systems is not affiliated with any OEM manufacturer.

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