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Discover the Vickers’ S Vane Pump

Panagon Systems Hydraulic Pump Manufacturing, Discover the Vickers' S Vane Pump

Vickers is a global leader in hydraulic industrial products. Owned by the Eaton Group Fluid Power Division, this brand sells some of the best vane pumps on the market. Panagon Systems carries a selection of Vickers pumps to help with each of your industrial and product applications. Understanding the benefits of vane pumps will help you to select the right one for your needs.

The Vickers’ S Vane Pump

A vane pump consists of a rotor turning vanes inside the pump’s main cavity. This pushes the fluid through the pump using the rotation of the vanes and the resulting high- and low-pressure zones. Typically, vane pumps are used to move liquid. However, they can also be designed for gasses.

The Vickers vane pumps are used for molding, manufacturing, construction, earthmoving, material handling, oil and gas, transportation and more. They are easy to use and flexible for many applications.

Double Versus Single Vane Pumps

Vickers vane pumps can be grouped into two main categories: single-vane and double-vane. Both types use essentially the same principle of vanes rotating inside the pump to provide suction and pressure. The former category is slightly simpler and has a single suction and single pressure stage per rotation. Conversely, the double-vane design has two suction and two pressure actions per rotation. The double-vane type also has a stator broken into two sections of long radius arcs.

Benefits of Vane Pumps

Using a Vickers vane pump can be an excellent choice in many industrial and product applications. These are some of the benefits of vane pumps:

  • Vane pumps offer an excellent pressure level despite relatively compact dimensions. Therefore, the power-to-weight ratio is more than enough for many uses.
  • They are typically very quiet in comparison to other pumps. This is aided by the low flow pulse amplitude.
  • Thanks to the low noise and vibrations, vane pumps are more comfortable for operators. This characteristic makes them useful for applications on vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • The full Vickers vane pump lineup has options for both low- and high-pressure applications. You can find a Vickers model that will offer the desired performance for almost any imaginable use.
  • Vickers vane pumps feature a cartridge system for easy maintenance. This makes it simple to keep them at maximum uptime.
  • Vane pumps tend to perform very well with low-viscosity fluids. They are very durable and can even run dry for a brief time without damage.

Vickers Vane Pump Products

Panagon Systems sells a variety of Vickers products. These are the most popular vane pumps:

  • V Series: The V series of Vickers pumps provide a great balance of performance a low noise. They are also very easy to service and tend to last for a long time. With a 12-vane design, they are ideal for indoor applications or other situations that require minimal noise.
  • V10 and V20: These two pumps are popular in industrial applications, trucks, and buses. They provide greater performance than some other Vickers’ S vane pumps. They may be used as a pilot or auxiliary pumps in complex systems.
  • VQ and VQH: These series of pumps have a cartridge system similar to the V series. They tend to be best for medium- to high-pressure applications. Their 10-vane architecture offers high volumetric efficiency without sacrificing serviceability. The VQH series is a great choice for relatively high-pressure uses.

VMQ: Of the Vickers vane pump offerings, the VMQ is the go-to for very high-pressure uses. It can handle more force than the other pump options. Despite this, the VMQ series does not produce a lot of noise thanks to the innate characteristics of Vickers vane pumps.

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