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MVE Replacement Hydraulic Motors

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As a car owner, you know how important it is to keep your vehicle properly maintained and in good working condition. While regular preventative care is an excellent way to prevent and diagnose major automotive issues, problems can still happen unexpectedly. Many car issues are relatively easy and inexpensive to fix. However, other issues require more extensive repair. If your car’s engine is unable to perform effectively, it may be time for a motor replacement. Panagon Systems carries a wide range of MVE hydraulic motors. Our team manufactures premium MVE motor replacement parts that are affordable and interchangeable. Read below for more information on why Panagon Systems is an excellent choice for OEM-quality replacement components.

What is MVE Hydraulic Motors?

Often considered the counterpart of the hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic motor is an automated actuator that converts pressure and flows into rotation and torque. Essentially, hydraulic motors include any machine that uses a hydraulic fluid in a closed-circuit system.

Vickers/Eaton is one of the most respected suppliers of hydraulics systems in the United States. They supply both power and motion control hydraulic systems and replacement components. Vickers/Eaton MVE hydraulic motors are used in a variety of industrial, aerospace, defense, manufacturing and mobile applications.

A damaged hydraulic motor can cause many problems for business owners including loss of productivity, machine malfunction and loss of income. If it is time to replace your MVE hydraulic motor, turn to Panagon Systems. Whether you need a single replacement part to get your motor running or you require a complete rebuild, we offer affordable, professional service.  All of our replacement parts and motors are built according to OEM standards. We specialize in manufacturing the following components for MVE motors:

  • Shafts
  • Piston kits
  • Valve blocks
  • Valve housing
  • Rotating groups

All of our MVE hydraulic motors are manufactured using techniques that allow us to provide customers with both efficiency and affordability.  All our replacement motors offer excellent flow rates and are priced below market value.

Why Choose Panagon Systems for Replacement Parts? 

  • Experience: Located in Macomb, Michigan, Panagon Systems has been a trusted leader in the hydraulics industry for over 25 years. We are the largest manufacturer of aftermarket hydraulic parts in North America. Our inventory includes a large variety of current and discontinued hydraulics components.  Our technicians are expertly trained and have the experience to manufacture expensive, discontinued or unavailable pumps, transmissions and motors.  The entire manufacturing process, including assembling, testing and shipping, is performed at our facility.
  • Limited warranty services: All of our MVE hydraulic motors come with a limited warranty. While all of our parts are assembled according to specifications, we offer a limited warranty on all replacement parts to provide our customers with additional security and safety coverage.
  • Increased availability: Panagon Systems recently expanded our operations to increase our outputs, decrease our production wait times and increase our efficiencies. We are now able to work with more distributors, machine shops and manufacturers in a multitude of industries.
  • Excellent customer service: We strive to provide all customers with an exceptional buying experience. We understand that buying an affordable, efficient MVE hydraulic motor is a high priority when you are a small business owner. Our technicians possess a wealth of market knowledge and can help you choose the correct motor or replacement part for your vehicle or machine. From sales to pricing to manufacturing, we are committed to making the purchasing process as fast and efficient as possible.

If you are in the market to purchase MVE replacement parts that are manufactured using original specifications, look no further than Panagon Systems. We carry a wide range of aftermarket and new hydraulic motors.


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