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PANAGON SYSTEMS, Based in Macomb Michigan USA, is the largest aftermarket hydraulic piston pump and parts manufacturer in the North America, providing the largest variety of current and obsolete components.

Most hydraulic suppliers import their parts for resale, having no control over quality and with no knowledge of the manufacturing process. Panagon is different with the ability to produce a product from the raw materials to a finished pump, assembled, tested, painted, and shipped from our facility thus making our operation different from all others in the aftermarket industry.

“Panagon Systems is the largest aftermarket hydraulic piston pump and parts manufacturer in North America

Manufacturing companies like Panagon Systems are needed in the industry because the original product manufacturers from time to time phase out certain product lines based on application needs, customer demands and just a general need to keep pace with the worldwide competition on product variety. When they do that, there remains a huge amount of machines and equipment still in operation with these phased out hydraulic products which need to be serviced for many years to come.

Most of the OEM manufacturers can support a breakdown situation thru their distributor network for their current production product lines, but due to phasing out of their old products the customer soon finds that the parts are not available or if they are, the delivery time could be months or the cost is sky high because it has to be produced out of the normal production schedule. Under those circumstances the customers are sometimes required to look at other suppliers like Panagon Systems for the replacement parts. Panagon Systems attempts to fill the void OEM’s create by manufacturing the phased out, expensive, unavailable pumps, motors and transmissions, from companies like Vickers, Denison, Rexroth etc.

History of Panagon Systems

Founded by Karl Toth nearly 25 years ago, Panagon Systems has remained a low profile company producing hydraulic parts on demand. Over the years before starting his own business, he had worked for other manufacturers gathering actual hands on experience in the manufacturing of items such as breaking and landing gear systems for aircraft, gyro scopes for the MX and cruise missile, automobile transmissions and automotive turbo chargers.

At the very beginning, and having a small shop, Karl machined parts for two guys named Wayne Gapp and Jack Roush in Livonia Michigan, who were in the drag racing circuit at the time, machining custom cylinder heads, connecting rods, pistons and carburetors. Jack later formed Roush Racing and entered the NASCAR arena and just before Karl formed his own company, he was asked to machine hydraulic piston pump components for a company who was a direct supplier to Vickers.

Many years later and after starting his own company, he began to manufacture the Vickers PVB series piston pump rotating groups using his past experience. He built and supplied complete pumps and motors using the new rotating groups that they produced with the balance of the parts from remanufactured cores and parts from other suppliers.

As the supply of good used parts faded, and frustration with the quality of the products from other suppliers, he was forced to produce the parts himself. This led to the development of iron castings, aluminum die castings, shafts, powder metal, bi-metal and other metals. Along the way creating their own engineering drawings and processes with the focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Panagon Systems is currently the only manufacturer in North America who produces OEM-quality versions of PVH, PVQ, PVB, PVE, PFB, MFB, TA19, TA1919 series of pumps and motors with complete proficiency. Panagon is also looking forward to manufacturing a variety of other piston products that are being discontinued, have long delivery times, or are not cost effective from other OEM’s.

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Panagon Systems provides hydraulic pumps, parts, motors and repair services for Vickers, Rexroth and other hydraulic pump manufacturers.

Part numbers and model numbers used are for reference purposes only. Panagon Systems is not affiliated with any OEM manufacturer.

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